Saturday, 27 August 2016

Orkney - a very brief history

Orkney history

The history of Orkney spans over 8,800 years.

Timeline of the history of Orkney

There are 70 islands on Orkney, 20 of which are inhabited.

"Following the Battle of Largs, in 1263, and the loss of the Western Isles as a result of the Treaty of Perth, in 1266, Orkney and Shetland were the only part of what is now Scotland to remain in Norwegian hands."

Much more detail on the link below:

More history

Due to an unpaid debt, Orkney became part of Scotland in 1469.

On Orkney we noticed that many of the names were Norwegian - Ola Olaf, etc.  And the accents sounded more like Norwegian than Scottish.  I enjoyed listening to it!

Orkney dialect

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